This general licence agreement applies to all images on the Moment Addict Photography website labeled for”personal use only” including those from Undersoul Photography.

License type: Personal use only, Royalty Free, non-exclusive.
Worldwide personal usage with no expiry and unlimited impressions for single individual. 


The low-down of this licence – 
A. This Moment Addict Photography Licence grants you, the purchaser/downloader, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make personal use of the digital image (Image) you have purchased/downloaded.


The rest of this licence covers the details that apply to your use of the Image.

Things you can do with the Image you have purchased/downloaded –
B. You are licensed to use the Image for any personal use that doesn’t infringe any of the terms laid out in this agreement.
This includes –
1. Use in digital and on-line. E.g. sharing on your Facebook page
2. Printing for personal use
3. Using the image as your screen saver or desktop image
4. You can modify or manipulate the Image. You can combine the Image with other works and make a derivative work from it so long as the resulting works meet the rest of the terms laid out in this licence.

For example: You may crop an image and use it on social media.

Things you can’t do with the Image you have purchased/downloaded –
C. There are uses prohibited in the terms of this licence.
These include –
1. In any kind of advertising or promotional material
2. For any ‘advertorial’ purposes (ie: in sections or supplements in relation to which you receive or pay a fee)
3.  Online “print-on-demand” products and items for resale where the photo is the focus of the product, including prints, posters, calendars, mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, games, etc.
4. Use in electronic tools or templates for resale on websites, brochures, business cards, e-greeting cards, etc.
5. Use in Pornographic, obscene or libelous works
6. If the Image contains an image of a person, even if the Image is model-released you can’t use it in a way that creates a fake identity, depicts personal endorsement by the model or for any use that depicts the model in a sensitive way, is highly unflattering to the model or puts them in a bad light (using a reasonable standard), such uses include medical and health issues, sexual activity or preference, pornography (adult content), substance abuse, tobacco use, or immoral or illegal activity. This is not an exhaustive list so if you’re not sure, contact me. 7. Sub-licensing, giving away, sharing or otherwise transfering stand-alone images/files (with or without modification) even if redistribution is free. (Sharing on company or an individual’s own social media platforms is allowed but not the supply of the Image to third party social media pages or accounts).

For example: You can’t licence an image and then re-distribute as part of a website theme package.

Other licence terms –
D. You can only use the Item for lawful purposes. This licence can be terminated if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop using the Image in breach of the agreement, and/or making copies of or distributing any end products until you remove the Image from it. Moment Addict Photography and Undersoul Photography retains copyright of their respective photos but grants you the licence on these terms. If you are unsure of may of the terms laid out in this licence please contact me at or go to my contact page.