About_me_Esther_SmallWhether I’m hunting for the moment when the elements of nature align into a magical landscape or capturing the perfect candid look between a newly engaged couple.
I’m a self-confessed moment addict.

I’ve always loved photography and in high school and university I learned the basics of the darkroom, shooting on black and white film. Then life and travelling around the world got in the way and I drifted away from using a bulky camera and rolls of film.  A few years back I jumped back into photography with a digital DSLR and I haven’t looked back since.

My name’s Esther and I’m lucky enough to live in one of the world’s most beautiful places – Queenstown, New Zealand. This place could turn anyone into a photographer— with spectacular vistas in every direction and bucket loads of nature. It’s no surprise I often find myself drawn outdoors with my camera in hand.

Before I wandered back to my passion I was working in marketing and design. This gives me an unique advantage when I’m shooting commercial photography and I love these kinds of shoots. I know how to how to listen and deliver on your objectives, how to create a strong brief, produce imagery that sells, and how to shoot for a range of media uses including brochures, website, print, editorial and social media.

I also love telling stories. Capturing real life and real people. Nothing beats natural emotion. A little boy dissolving into giggles as he rides on his dad’s shoulders or the first glimpse the groom has of his new bride.   Nothing beats the way my heart swells when the sun reflects a heavenly glow on the mountains in front of me and turns the ordinary extraordinary.



Are you looking for inspirational and affordable photography  that really showcases your product or service to the best advantage? Need a photographer for a conference or event in Queenstown? Or maybe you’re looking to capture a special moment  with your loved ones?
Look no further.

It’s a privilege to be able to do what I do and if you hire me I will always deliver my best work and 100% commitment.




Great imagery should be available for everyone which is why I keep the prices of my stock imagery affordable and my licensing terms generous. I often give away digital images for free as my way of giving back to the generous online community who have given so much to me. You can find these images under the ‘FREE’ category in Browse Stock Imagery. I add new free mages every month so sign up to my monthly newsletter (see below) to get the link to these delivered straight to your inbox.

Going out to get images for my stock library lets me look at the world around me in different ways… I want to take the time to find something special in the ordinary – on the same walk I do every other day, in the foam swirl of my latte, in the play of light on the lake where I live. This is my outlet to hone my skills through practise and experimentation. I take my trusty Canon DSLR out and about with me when ever I can. These are my own special moments immortalised through the frame.

I hope you enjoy my photos.



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